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The Brazos Vein Institute nurses serve Bryan, College Station, & Brenham areas in the vein treatment centers

(picture) From left to right:

Ellen: Board Certified Physician Assistant

Karen: Registered Nurse for Dr. Mitchell

Kristi: Licensed Vocational Nurse for Dr. Gutierrez

Stephanie: Licensed Practical Nurse for Dr. Mays

Becca: Registered Vascular Technologist & Brazos Vein Institute Coordinator

Shelly: Sclerotherapy nurse, R.N.




The pain was minimal. I was pleasantly surprised.
Satisfied Patient,
Dr. Gutierrez & his staff are great! I have no more pain in my legs! I feel wonderful & would recommend the VNUS procedure to everyone!
A. Burt,
The procedure gave me immediate comfort in my leg. Dr. Mitchell was so thorough in preparing me for the procedure. His nurses were so thoughtful and kind throughout the procedure. They were on time- I had no wait.
Satisfied Patient,
The endovenous ablation gave me immediate comfort in the leg. Dr. Mitchell was so thorough in preparing me for the procedure. His nurses were so thoughtful and kind throughout the procedure.
G. Magee,
I felt no pain at any time during or after the procedure. My “restless” legs were calm even the first night!
A. Fulton,
The procedure was very soothing. Pleasant atmosphere and Dr. Mays and staff were just great to deal with. They made me feel safe and confident.
S. Ashorn,
I cannot believe I waited to have the procedure done. The staff is wonderful. The procedure was not too painful, no pain after and you can see results in only two days. My leg even feels better already.
L. Trefry,
My leg does not tingle or feel like there are insects crawling. It is not swollen as before.
E. Stone,
I am thrilled with the results of my surgery for venous reflux. Immediately, I could feel the relief in my right leg with less swelling at the ankle and much less heaviness at the end of the day.
Satisfied Patient,
As a RN, I stand on my feet a lot. I was experiencing heaviness in my right leg. I had a Free Vein Screening & Dr. Gutierrez found a problem with the vein in my right leg. I had a vein ablation performed and my leg feels much better. The heaviness went away.
M. Maitland,
Great experience. No pain. Legs feel 100% better. Less fatigue and heaviness in my legs. Great staff support.
H. Tolson,
I’m grateful that I was referred to Dr. Gutierrez. He and his staff were extremely professional and helpful. Dr. Gutierrez approaches his patients and his care foremost as a health professional rather than as a business. I was most impressed when he explained one of my needs but that he had not done that procedure rather than looking at it as a business opportunity.
Satisfied Patient,
Dr. Gutierrez at the Brazos Vein Institute did an amazing job on my varicose veins! I’m a 44 year old woman and very active. Dr. Gutierrez and his wonderful staff worked around my busy schedule and in no time I was back to my active lifestyle and feeling better than ever! Thank you!
S. Miller,
I had the procedure done and there was only a very mild discomfort but with that came relief of my knee pain and it feels much better.
B. Arnold Jr.,